“After the first few sessions, I was feeling much lighter in my body, walking more upright, and experiencing a freedom inside that I had not previously known. It felt like a heavy burden I was carrying disappeared. I felt renewed.”

Leslie Wise, M.D

At my first session, I was greatly impressed when you straightened out my left leg, which had been slightly misaligned since birth. Small wonder that after 40 some years, I had hip and back problems. You were the first person who was able to affect a permanent change and start my body healing. These are dramatic, tangible results to see, literally in a matter of minutes.

Tucker, working with you over the last several years has been wonderful. My life has improved greatly knowing that you are available to help put me back together again, regardless of the physical stresses I endure from living the adventure of my life.

You will always have my highest recommendation as a gifted person in the healing arts. Thanks for all of your help, and for being so much fun to work with as well.

Blessings to you,


Tucker’s comprehensive modality of treatment has made many positive changes in my daily life. I had chronic pain and tension and had tried numerous kinds of treatments to no avail. Tucker’s structural bodywork is lasting amazingly well.
Now my is spine straight, and my range of motion and flexibility have given me my life back. I truly feel most people could benefit from Tucker’s treatment & feel younger no matter what age they are. Thank you to the “friend” who refered me.

Carol Cooper, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Tucker transformed my body from one where I had had a neck and shoulder injury from an automobile accident that occurred in 1984. The orthopedic M.D., his physical therapist, and chiropractors all said they had taken me as far as I could go. I still couldn’t lift my arm out to the side above my shoulder. I had yet another flair up where I awoke with very limited movement in my shoulder and neck. After asking around in the healing and wellness community about who would be best for me to see for a solution, wellness professionals recommended Tucker Sharp, so I went to him.

I was amazed to find that at every visit my range of movement for my shoulder and neck increased and that now I have full range of motion in my neck and shoulder completely restored from injuries that I was told were permanent by the M.D. and physical therapist and that had happened 21 years earlier. After such great results from Tucker, I decided to continue to see him for preventative self care.

Robb Garrett, M.A., MCC Career/Business Coach Las Vegas, NV

Tucker Sharp is an amazing, knowledgeable and gifted healer. When I first went to him I could not sit or stand straight, and walked with the aid of a walking stick. Tucker balanced my body as no other health worker had and I am now straight and walking. Not only the physical is healed by Tucker’s brilliant work; he helps release psychological issues at the cellular level. Tucker harnesses physical and spiritual power to transform the body, mind and soul.

Lindy Burke, Aneheim Hills, Ca

It’s rare to find some one who is so committed to their craft that it becomes almost an artform. Such is Tucker Sharp.
I had the good fortune of being introduced to Tucker prior to my knee replacement surgery, so I had no doubts that Tucker’s expertise was going to be the centerpoint of my rehab. I have always been fit and worked religously to maintain a very high level of fitness. However, without Tucker’s fine hands, my rehab would have been much more difficult and certainly much longer in coming.
He if the mistro!!!

Bennett Waites, Carefree, AZ

At age 65 I was experiencing muscle aches and joint pains in my hips and legs. I also had a muscle knot in my back that caused me to be round shouldered and to stand and walk leaning slightly forward. I entered a treatment plan with Tucker that has resulted in eliminating the aches and pains. He realigned my right knee and released the knot in my back so I can stand and walk upright with my shoulders back. What more could I have asked for? Thank you

Tucker. Casey - Age 68, Casey Employee Benefits Specialist

Tucker Sharp services the client by putting the client in correct posture and alignment. I was recommended to him through a very knowledgeable personal trainer who was impressed with the Hellerwork techniques of Tucker. After the first visit you will feel like your body moves better and more free with less or no pain. Alignment and posture are keys to feeling your best and avoiding injury. I can testify that Tucker’s treatments will help you to feel your best.

Renato Shordon,

I felt my best when I was getting treatment from Tucker.
I have scolosis so I have significant muscle imbalance which caused my neck and lower back pain resulting in very frequent visits to the chiropractor.
With Tucker I felt the best, virtually pain free and reduced my visits significantly.
I would highly recommend Tucker to anyone suffering like I was

Lisa O'Brien,

“I look forward to every session with Tucker. He has solved problems where other treatment methods have failed. Through his skill I have regained my physical levels and am enjoying life to the fullest. I even lost those stubborn 10 pounds!”

Joan Western, Office Manager Anaheim, CA

I highly recommend the body work done by Tucker Sharp. His work has helped to relieve deep muscle tension which better prepares me for chiropractic adjustments. He has helped me to retrain my posture, both in standing and while walking.
He is very knowledgeable about body structure, being able to maneuver and stretch just the right place to relieve a tension problem.
He has a pleasant, relaxed manner and is a joy to work with.

Judy , Age 64,

Tucker is no longer a Hellerworker. He is an independant Structural Integration Practitioner. Any references to Hellerwork may be interchanged with Structural Integration.

I believe that Structural Integration is a very important component of an overall musculoskeletal wellness program. Tucker is a master of this art and he has helped me tremendously with my own musculoskeletal problems.

Paul J. Cimoch, MD, FACP Anti-aging specialist

I have been a lifetime competitive Cyclist, Speed Skater and at one time Natural Body Builder. I was diagnosed by Sports Trainer that works with Olympic caliber cyclist as having a 1/2″ short right leg, Scoliosis of the spine and a leg timing difference in regard to when my right leg would start pushing over the top of my pedal stroke compared to my left.

I rode for years with a modified bike to try to adapt to this diagnosis. Even skated on modified skates. Then a fellow cyclist told me he had been diagnosed with the exact same problem and that he had found a different solution. That solutions name was Hellerwork via a gentleman named Tucker Sharp locally. He told me he didn’t need any kind of adaptive equipment anymore and he was faster and much more comfortable on his bike!

I contacted Tucker and he shared that accidents, poor posture, repetitive exercise patterns, surgery’s, and even just the way we are built can contribute to odd twisting of our skeleton and the misalignment of our muscles and ligaments over time enough to cause a pattern of stress so insidious that we may not notice it until it becomes debilitating as some symptom that to us or a traditional MD might appear to be something specific to a specific area but really is a part of a pattern.

At Tuckers office he illustrated what proper skeletal alignment looked like then he asked permission to analyze mine. It took him moments to help me see how my body had “molded itself” around a couple of injuries I’d sustained in my early teen years, how the hundreds of 1000’s of miles I’d pedaled had cause some muscle groups to over power my posture and how that created my spinal and pelvic abnormalities.

The good news was unlike the Chiropractors I’d sought relief from in the past he helped me understand that Hellerwork would stretch and realign each and every muscle group back into their proper positions and length to allow my body to naturally go back to balance. I committed to the work as I saw he had something that made much sense.

I knew after the very first session that he found parts of the pattern no one else had and literally erased a part of the pattern, session by session; one building on another. About 10 visits later I had a completely new body to live in! My performance cycling completely improved in the areas of power output, smoothness of my pedal stroke, cadence, endurance and recovery.

I found that after the muscles and ligaments where relaxed I really had been “Up Tight” and didn’t even know it because I was so used to it and had no idea what to do about it! Along with the physical benefits mentioned I can honestly relate that I am more open as person. I feel more flexible in my thinking and attuned to my feelings, instincts and intuitions.

If I could have all the money I’ve sent before I met Tucker back on attempts at this kind of result I’d give it all to him as a tip or thank you for so masterfully giving me back my body and in many ways my life.

And vibrantly live the day in front of you!!

Erskien Lenier, Corona CA