Structural Integration is an advanced method of bodywork that systematically releases patterns of stress and impaired functioning in the body’s myofascial system. “Myo” means muscle, and “fascia” means connective tissue = myofascia.

As your Structural Integration Practitioner, Tucker is highly trained to see your body as a myofascial structure balanced within the all-pervasive field of gravity we live in. When virtually any part of your structure is out of balance in gravity, structural stress is generally the result.

We invite you to a complementary “Zero Cost – Zero Pressure” structural assessment and 90 minute consultation to see how Structural Integration may be able to help you.

When a body’s muscles, joints and posture are in balance it has the greatest opportunity to function pain free with full range of motion, flexibility alignment and ease of movement.


We offer a menu of integrative therapies because each individual is unique. The body can respond, change, integrate and rebalance through a combination of integrative therapies that we customize to your personal needs and preferences.

At Integrative Therapies, we collaborate with you to find the level of engagement and modalities for the level of service that is the best fit for achieving your goals, whether you prefer:

1. Just want to be pain free now (remember how it was …);
2. Want even more flexibility and more ease of movement just like a young child; and
3. You want longer term optimized body mechanics and posture so that you have more time for friends, family and doing the things you truly desire to do.

Passive therapies, active therapies and a hybrid of the two are available to satisfy your preferred level of engagement. Call Tucker now at telephone 714.321.8190!

  1. We strive to create a feeling of infinite flexibility and energetic powerful movement one human at a time. Our higher purpose is to better the Newport Beach area community and humbly serve or clients through education and integrative and holistic experiences.
  2. Tucker Sharp® structural body work aims to create a haven where clients reclaim their flexibility and feel like they are a child again.
  3. We offer a variety of services designed to help clients be the best version of themselves, while having a fun along the way.

The transformative integrative methods and experiences at Tucker Sharp Body Work are designed to help our clients grow in terms of massive innate flexibility and emulate their best potential functionality.

Founded in 1993, Tucker Sharp Body Work is located near pleasant Newport Beach, CA, and reflects the vibrant energy of the oceanside area.

We are here to help our clients be more flexible so they can get back to doing their activities, spending time with the family and feeling a even higher level of success, purpose and well-being.

Are you ready to reach your best physical potential? Join the Tucker community today and find peace, physical harmony and be home again!

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